I've got a problem that's been driving me crazy, maybe someone can offer some help.

My system: Blackops Motherboard, 4gb Gskill ram, Core 2 Q9450 @ 3.2ghz, 1000w Zalman PSU.

I have 4 x Samsung F1 1TB SATA2 drives, which rsync to eachother so all data in on at least two drives. This rsync process has worked fine so far in Snow Leopard. I also have 2 more Samsung F1's which I use for offsite backup. As I only recently switched over to SL, the last sync with these was done in Leopard.

For some reason, when I try to rsync the changes to the offsite drives, after a few minutes the system kernel panics like this:

The four main drives all have data partitions which are Truecrypt volumes. The two offsite drives have entire-disk truecrypt volumes. This is the only discernable difference which I think may be causing the problem. I have the latest version of Truecrypt and the latest rsync from ports.

I've tried disabling AHCI but then osx refuses to boot. As I wanted to get the offsite backup done, I simply rebooted into Leopard and did it from there, where it worked perfectly.

If anyone can offer any suggestions I'd be very grateful. I'm wondering if it's because the offsite drives don't have any partitions and are just entire-disk volumes.. but that seems a little far-fetched. Maybe I'll just wait for 10.6.2 and cross my fingers..