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    Question IOUSB Problem!

    Hi All,

    I have a problem with my Imac and I don`t know how to solve it.

    I helped a friend to unlock an iphone and I used an automator that changes the IOUSB to 10.5.5.

    We managed to unlock the iphone successfully but I forgot to change the IOUSB to 10.5.8 before restarting my computer.

    When I turned on the computer after this, the keyboard and the mouse didnít work anymore.

    I`ve read a lot on the net but I wasn`t able to solve the problem.
    I`m going to explain the problems I`m having and what I`ve already managed to do. I guess I am on the right way, but I really need help to end it successfully.


    I have an Imac with the system 10.5.8.
    I use a password to log on when I turn on the computer Ė without mouse and keyboard I can`t log on.

    I`ve read in a forum that I could use the new IOUSBFamily in a pen drive, BOOT my Imac through DVD1 (that comes together with the Imac when you buy it) and use the terminal to install the file.

    I did it a bit differently.
    As I`ve got a MacBook connected to a network, I can see the folder Drop Box of my Imac through it.
    I`ve put the file IOUSBFamily-349.4.3.pkg and IOUSBFamily-349.4.3-log.pkg inside the folder Drop Box of the Imac.

    I didn`t understand the difference between the file log and the other.
    I turned on the Imac with the DVD1 pressing the C in the keyboard and the computer BOOT through the DVD.

    The keyboard and mouse work this way.
    I got in the Terminal via DVD and I learned how to navigate in the folders to get to the Drop Box folder.

    My question is:
    Which command do I have to use to run IOUSBFamily-349.4.3.pkg OR IOUSBFamily-349.4.3-log.pkg file?
    Am I doing the correct thing? Or should I do sth differently?
    I have also got an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse (apart from the ones with wire) but the Bluetooth doesn`t find it.
    I`ve tried to explain it in the best way I could for you to know what I have already done. I need help please.
    I`m looking forward to hearing from you!
    Tks, ernandes13.

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    Lightbulb Fix

    Thanks God!
    He put the light in my Head

    Fist I thought about fixing this problem with DVD 1 that comes with your Mac when you buy it. But this solution is difficult because I don't know how to use all commands.

    I thought about another solution!
    Install Leopard in USB Drive, after that run the Leopard via USB Drive and fix this problem in some way.

    Ok I had an USB Drive SanDisk with 16GB.
    Next step, how to install Leopard on USB Drive?
    I used this tutorial.
    The only thing that it didn't say was that you have to go through a customize installation. Do it and remove Iphoto, Idvd, blablabla... Unnecessary stuff.

    After install the Leopard on USB Drive and complete the steps on installation.

    Ok, your new desktop appears with your new HDs. Like this:

    Now you have graphic tools to solve problems!
    It's possible to access your files in Macintosh HD and save your files for security.

    I changed the IOUSBFamily.kext in this folder:

    How do I do this?
    Download iousbfamily349.4.3_log.dmg on apple home page, double click on DMG file.
    On desktop a Temp Drive appears with 2 folders inside.
    Drag the IOUSBFamily-349.4.3 to the desktop and open this folder.
    Right click on IOUSBFamily-349.4.3.pkg and select Show Package Content.
    The new folder Contents will appear with the Archive.pax.gz inside.
    Double click on this file. The new folder appears and it is called Archive. Go inside this folder.
    2 folder again, open System folder > Library > Extensions and copy the IOUSBFamily.kext and paste were

    Replace this file.

    Open the system preferences and select Startup Disk
    Select Macintosh HD and click on Restart button in this window.

    When your computer boots, press and hold the SHIFT button on the keyboard for some seconds.
    The system will load in safe mode and your keyboard and mouse will work in Safe Mode.

    I chilled out when so my mouse with light again.

    Your computer works now almost perfectly

    I found the combo update on the internet.
    In my case 10.5.8.

    I know File Size: 759MB, but it is necessary to save your life.
    Install this pack, a message will appear saying restart blablabla.

    Ok you computer will be back to life BUT the last thing todo is:

    Open Disk Utility > Select Macintosh HD > click on Verify Disk Permissions and wait!
    After click on Repair Disk Permissions.

    After that Verify Disk and WAIT!
    Then Repair Disk.

    It worked for me.

    Restart your MAC and cross your fingers!
    Good Luck

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    Thumbs up Last Problem solved

    I went through all steps from the last post but when I connected my Iphone to the USB port in my computer, nothing happened.

    I downloaded: IOUSBFamily-349.4.3 again and installed the pack IOUSBFamily-349.4.3-log

    Pay attention to log!

    Now everything is 100%



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