Hello all,
I just finished getting my mac snow leopard running in virtualbox. I like alot of other people are having trouble getting the sound and video resolution to work correctly.
Here is the info for the Audio:
According to my Device Manager I have a IDT High Definition Audio card. According to the driver I installed directly from Asus (for my Windows 7 install) it is for a Realtek 92hd81b1x I've done alot of searching and haven't found anything that will work. For some more info here is what is showing up in the registry for my Device UUID:
and here is the info from Hardware ID's:
For this i've already tried the following: I've already tried the VoodooHDA, AC97HDAUDIO, INTEL_IDT_AUDIO_111D76B2, & the APPLEHDA kexts to no avail.

And the info for my Video Adapter:
ATI Mobility Radeon HD5145
I haven't been able to find a kext for this driver yet.
This is on a ASUS K72JK laptop running Win7 as the main OS.

Any help would be appreciated.