Ok, so i was stupid.

I installed 10.6 last year with the "only guide you'll ever need" method and have had no problems. Then I tried to install After Effects, which is a 64 bit only program. STUPIDLY, i forgot that hackintosh only works in 32 bit (last time i checked) and read up about how to change to 64 bit.

On a forum somebody said to delete a line in my com.plist.... in /extra. big mistake. i rebooted to see results but of course (obviously, now that i think about it) i ran into a either a kernal panic or a slashed circle at boot. I've tried verbose mode, safe mode and single user mode but usually comes up saying something like cannot connect to root, over and over.

I have also tried to reinstall osx without formatting (as I have all my work on there) but it gets to the very end of the installation and says "mac osx could not be installed on this system" with an exclamation mark.

is there any way I can fix this? any way i can edit the com.plist back to how it was from the boot menu?

ps. I'm not sure what my boot selector is, i dont think its chameleon, its just a black screen that looks like darwin or DOS.

please help! thank you

x jess x