Hi all

I keep crashing on first boot get the "please restart screen" then i reboot and it works fine

i have had a look at the kernal logs but i dont really understand what it means???

i can see this warning

ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - WARNING - LPC device initialization failed: C-state power management not initialized

its bugging me that i think im so close to a perfect working machine!!!!!!!!

I have Z68x-UD7-B3 bios F7 with the DSDT from tonymac blog (this is my first ever build)

any help is greatly appreciated and if i am looking at the wrong log can some one point me to the correct place

my build

System: Gigabyte GA-Z68x-UD7-B3
CPU: i7 2600k
Graphics: Radeon ATI 4870
PSU Corsair HX850

i appreciate any help!!

many thanks