Hi guys. I wanted to install OS X on my computer, the specs are:

nVidia GTS 250
Intel Q9300
4 GB ram
ASUS P5K SE/EPU motherboard
A SATA harddrive at 250 gb.

I then found an old PATA (IDE right?) drive on 40 gb, which I thoguht I would use, so I didnt have to format my SATA drive and make a partition. I got it setup, formatted and everything. I can see both the SATA and PATA harddrive in windows 8, but when I boot up my Snow Leopard USB it can only see my SATA drive.

My Snow Leopard USB is made with retail SL and then installed the extras from "my-Hack"

I don't know what I should do. I have tried several .kext's IOFAMILY VIAATA etc, but not working. Am I wrong if I say that Snow leopard doesnt support PATA drives? Or is it simply impossible to dual boot with a PATA and SATA drive? (Are there any distros supporting PATA and SATA at the same time, if this is true?)

My BIOS is set to IDE enhanced, but I can set it to AHCI with a bios-mod.

So, do any on you guys know what I can do, or what is wrong? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

EDIT: I have also tried to boot up the SL USB with the SATA drive unlugged