hello everyone! i just installed iaktos s3 v2 on an old P4 3GHz, 1gb ram..
it started without any problem, except audio and ethernet..
I found and installed audio kext and it's currently working, but I can't solve the ethernet problem!
It's an integrated device, based on sis191 chipset.. realtek RTL8201CL/CP!
I tryed this SiS191 network adapter still haven't a solution? - InsanelyMac Forum

sis191 kext.. now the system can find the ethernet device, it can get an ip address but it says that it's not connected to the internet!
In fact the ethernet led on the router is always on, the same for the other led on the computer.. it means there's no data transfer!

Holyshit! What can I do!?
I installed an old realtek pci adapter.. i cannot find any kext for this..
I'd like use the integrated one!

(sorry for my english.. i'm italian!)
Thank you guys!

Ps.. since I'm using a different kernel, because of my f..ing processor, I have to wait another installer with a special kernel for the lion upgrade, isn't it? or can I upgrade the system? (10.6.3)