I have an asus eee pc 1005ha-b running 10.6. I finally got the resolution up to 1024 x 600, but I'm having a few more display issues.

Sometimes when I've clicked through several finder windows (mainly in system preferences), the top of the menu will have a residue of previous panels in it. (Tried to get a screenshot of this; wouldn't work.)

Also, my main menu bar is still opaque. And when I try to set the screensaver to anything other than Computer Name or Flurry, it says "Screensaver not supported by the current version of the os. Please contact the vendor..." But the disallowed screensavers aren't exactly new.

Wondering if these are connected, and if they have to do with my graphics card, or whether I need to install some more kexts to get these things working. Thanks in advance for any help!