Okies I'm running 10.6.1 (magic mouse running I h8 the touchpad on the 1005) on an 1005HAB (bluetooth added BT-183 recognized natively on OSX .
I used a DSDT.aml file from an 1005HA and well the brightness settings bite (to bright in the beginning and doesn't go as low as it could but the shutdown fix works LOL) Hibernation woks as well which is great. However I would like to fix the brightness settings as well as which key controls certain things. Would like to be able to disable the webcam, wifi and the sd-card reader on the fly to save battery life. Is there a good tutorial on how to edit / compile the DSDT.aml this sites I've seen so far might as well be written in greek.

However there is a program in linux who's sources are available which would allow for controlling most of those things as well as stepping the FSB Up and down which would let me OC when needed and conserve battery life even more so I could have an even longer battery life.
Here is the link to the apps page greg.geekmind.org and here is the link to the source code Index of /eee-control/src This program should help a bunch of people that have Eee Hackintoshes' since the bios on all of them support on the fly FSB Changes and have options to turn off the webcam, bluetooth, wifi, card reader, etc.... Also that program has a pretty good way of handling the fan control as well. Honestly sometimes the fan inside this thing sounds like a leaf blower.
Anyone here have some good coding skills that could port this thing?
Help for all Eee's please.