So I hacked my sisters dell xps studio 420 to run osx. Ran it well. I reloaded it after a year because it was suddenly crashing, freezing, beach balling, etc. now I'm getting problems.

First, graphics enabler doesn't work. Have graphics through efi string. Works but the system is SLOW. Preferences stops responding, airport is disabled. I click the apple on the taskbar and it beach balls for about 10 seconds.

The lion HD from MY computer has a guid error on boot. Lion won't find QE/CI either, but I'm sticking with SL. Due to compatibility.

The processor is at 99% idle during all this.

Ive tried numerous boot flags, etc. reloaded 10.6.8 v1 combo. (worked fine in 10.6.3 with the occasional beach ball, but too many to feel comfortable.)

I have RAID ON in the A07 bios.

Smbios of an iMac. Booting in 32bit mode because the GeForce 7900 has no 64bit support.

This is starting to sound like a bad hard drive... But no SMART errors. (but I know SMART) is as accurate as the weatherman. )

Any thoughts ?

Dell xps studio 420
Q8200 core 2quad 2.3ghz
X38 ich9 (I believe it's x38)
8gb ddr2
GeForce 7900gs
750 GB SATA RAID ( for ahci)
10.6.8 snow leopard