I'm currently experiencing problems with my hp broadcom 5702 netextreme card in Snow leopard.

I have already tried a few things, but those haven't worked out.

Whenever i boot my OSX86 machine, in verbose mode ofcourse, i do not see any BCM5751Ethernet outputs, wich i USED TO see once i booted in OSX.
The problem occured after i installed the drivers for my sound ( since voodooHDA caused a KP) and i installed PC-EFI bootloader.

Also: Whenever i get into OSX and i go to the preferences application, and i click on the network tab, the application crashed (probably because my device is undetected in some way)

PC specs:
Intel C2Q Q8200
Asus P5Q-SE
OCZ Reaper 4gb ddr2-800

I hope the problem can be solved quickly since this is my main working computer.

Yours sincerely,