Firstly thanks in advance as this forum has been most valuable in getting my Hackintosh up and running!
I am using a Gigabit G41-M-ES2L motherboard with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHZ. 2GB RAM in one slot. ATI Radeon HD 46XX.
The install was from TonyMacs iBoot and a retail OEM copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.2 right in the cd drive.
I started the install with the Gigabit onboard graphic card and BIOS set to the recommendations of other posts on this board. (The ACHI option isn't available on the F9 build of the BIOS- but works fine without it). Used Tony's options for Core2duo in MultiBeast.
After installation I was able to add the HD 46XX Video card, and got all resolution modes. All USB works, audio works with Azalea. The system goes into screensaver mode fine and generally runs very stable. Was able to update to 10.6.6 with no problems at all.

Problems: I have tried several bootloaders and cant seem to find one that will allow me to boot directly from the hard drive. Must be done with -v from iBoot or the system hangs. Tried all options in MultiBeast with no success.

Also, the system goes into screensaver, and returns with no issues. The themes scroll nicely and all seems well. When leaving the system running for a few hours the monitor light goes red and the power is still on the tower but it's crashed. How do you track a problem like this, are there system logs I can examine? Everything relating to sleep I could find is off in the BIOS.
Please let me know if I can provide additional information to help.
Thanks again, I appreciate any help you can provide.