NVIDIA 8400GS + NVinject + 1600x900 Resolution

So I have a somewhat odd problem today, been researching for two days with no results.

My issue is that when I apply my native resolution of 1600 x 900 using my NVidia 8400GS 512 MB card with the NVinject.kext*, I get the resolution, however the aspect ratio appears to be screwed up so my desktop looks squeezed together. It seems like my 16:9 resolution is being displayed as 16:10. To add to the confusion, when I apply any other HD resolution (720p e.g.) the desktop stretches and takes full advantage of the screen real estate like it should.

So as a fix attempt I set my monitor (LG Flatron W2040T) to stretch the image to fit the whole screen. It works, however everything is relatively blurry and text is rather difficult to read.

Additional Info:
Computer: Dell Inspiron 530s**
Chipset: G33/G31 with GMA 3100 integrated graphics (I don't use it because I use dual monitors)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.8 GHz
OS X Version: 10.6.6
OS X 86 Distro: iAtkos S3 V2

Few additional/odd issues:
I hear slight static with audio (not a present issue in Ubuntu and Windows)
Certain websites won't load in either Safari or Chrome, like YouTube and kexts.com, among others.
[However the websites load fine in Firefox, not the issue that bugs me the most but certainly eager for a solution]

I know that's a lot of info, lol, but if any of you have had similar problems/solutions, I'd love to hear!


* Other nVidia kexts don't seem to work at all, but if you got it work, great!
** If anyone else has an Inspiron 530s, I can help you if you have hackintoshing problems, video card issues aside, of course.