Hey guys, I'm new to the Hackintosh scene, but I finally got my install (iATKOS s3 v2 Snow Leopard) working. Everything is working great except the graphics driver. My system has an ATI ES1000 integrated graphics chipset and I can't get a resolution higher than 1024x768 and my mouse pointer flickers during OS animations and when graphics load.

I don't need support for dual monitors or anything else, just those two things. I was unable to find help with this chipset anywhere. Thanks in advance!!

PS If its impossible to get this chipset working properly, can you recommend a cheap good graphics card that will? (I have 1 (x8) & 1 (x4) in (x8) PCI-Express, 2x 64-bit 133/100MHz PCI-X, 2x 32-bit 33MHz PCI slots available)