Hey guys,

I just finally got my 1005HA running Mac OSX 10.6.4!!!
I did all these steps:

1. Create a bootable USB Drive with clean Mac OSX 10.6.0 + NetbookInstaller
2. Install Mac OSX
3. Installed MyHack Installer on 1005HA (NetbookInstaller didnt work)
4. Followed the steps of this guide
(Asus 1005HAB Netbook Hackintosh Guide)
from step number 6 all the way to the finish (except the hotkeys)

I now have a working (as long as i have tried) OSX 10.6.4, BUT my Battery Indicator doesnt show the right amount of Battery left.

I read some forum posts, and I have 2gb RAM.

Sometimes it shows 100% and a battery lasting 20 hours.
Sometimes it shows indicating that power is attached with 99% battery life.
Plugging the power cord in and out doesnt change anything. I think its kinda frozen.

Is there something i did wrong? Do I need to install a kext or something?

I would really appreciate your comments.

Thank you in advance