hi sorry if i posted this is in the wrong place but not sure where to post it exactly
so i have had my mackintosh running for about 6 months now with a few minor inconveniences but been able to fix most of them my self but earlier today i was installing some things and it kept saying i didn't have permission or something and would ask if i would want to authenticate which i would normally have to do but it wouldn't ask me if i wanted to. so i went to the info on my boot drive and made my user the owner and applied it to all subfolders and files. during this process a error popped up saying that a certain kept wasn't installed properly and to contact manufacture for details or something but it said it for a bunch of kexts so many that i just held down enter for a minute until they all disappeared. then it wouldn't let me open firefox then when trying to open itunes it acted if it was my first time using. then i noticed that it wouldn't let me open any of my harddrives and they had locks on them. so i was going to logout go to my admin account and reinstall all my multi beast options but wouldn't log me out so i just turned it off and rebooted but now it just hangs on the apple logo with a spinning wheel even while trying safe mode (-x)

can anyone help me?

im using tonymacx86 iboot and multibeast is there anyway to fix this without a fresh install???