Hello everybody,

I had to reinstall my MSI Wind... and decided to do a retail install...

I used CiberGregs Manual: Msi Wind Forums • View topic - Retail DVD Install (updated driver pack)

I changed from msiwindosx86 ... and I never installed OSX so smooth. Thanks!!!
BTW Sorry for my bad english!

I have an MSI WIND u100 and flashed bios to 10D. Also I got a Dell 1490 WiFi. I used the manual for 10.5.7

My only but serious problem is:
I start osx - everything is fine, I get my wifi connection my BT and so on... but when i close my wind for sleep and reopen it... osx will do s.t. like a crash. Wifi connetion and BT dose not come back also my mounted Drives are missing... restart or shut down will freeze in a blank desktop without any icons or bars.

When I disable Wifi before sleep everythings works well.
I also changed my Dell 1490 with an original Mac Airport from a Mac Pro... but same issue happens.

I also tried smartsleep, and uncheck the memory thing in security pref.pane ... but this caused wired issues ... I can't shut down anymore ... and everytime it will load the hibernated status... so I canīt even uninstall smartsleep. When I want to change settings in smartsleep everytime the dropdown jumps back to hibernate.

Please Help or any suggestions....

UPDATE: When I turn off Wifi and send MSI to sleep the wifi is NOT recognized ... like I started without wifi LED.

thanks again!