I just upgraded my Shuttle S35V2 from 10.5.6 to 10.5.8 using iPc for the original install and the iDeneb combo upgrade. iPc worked fine for 10.5.6, sweet machine. Got the dreaded still waiting for root device error after the upgrade.

So I restored all of the old extensions and it then booted into 10.5.8.

So my question is, which kext is likely to be the cause? I diffed the two versions and there are changes all over the place. Something is breaking the driver so it can't see the boot volume. Is that JMicronATA (which is unchanged)? Since there are presumably valuable things in all of the 10.5.8 updates, I don't want everything to be stuck at 10.5.6 kexts. Which are the likely suspects, and I'll try to swap them out one at a time.

If its something that I got right on the ipc install chipsetwise, that broke on the update, which kext(s) is it likely to be?