Hello Everyone!

So i have this problem. I am trying to use this Carbus PC card on my notebook because i have an intel wifi card that isnt supported yet. so i'm trying to get this cardbus working

The brand of this card is Xterasys XN-2411B. But it is also Realtek RTL8180 and ADMtek ADM8211. I reached both ADMtek and Xterasys but no driver for Mac. I searched up Realtek RTL8180 and i got some hit, I found out there is a driver for Mac for this Wifi card..

( http://www.wireless-driver.com/download/re...ini-pci-nic.htm )

Product Model #



FCC ID = MQ4WB2K5: Realtek RTL8180
FCC ID = MQ4WB2K: ADMtek ADM8211


When i installed the driver (I installed the Beta latest one) The card didnt work (still). By still i mean it's still being detected but it says "Unknown Vendor Network Controller and Power off Card" The only clickable one is Power off card.

The card works PERFECT under linux.

Under System Profiler Here is some info about the card:


Function: Network Controller
Vendor: Unknown
Type: CardBus
Vendor ID: 4887
Device ID: 33281

Where can i find a compatible driver for this card? is this the real cards name? o.O

this is what the card looks like

on the back of the card it looks like it says "FCC ID:MQ4WB2K" so im guessing it's not the Realtek one :\ HELPPP

Thank you for your help