Hi guys,
Yesterday i managed to install snow leopard on my pc using iAtkos 10.6.3 image. Everything works fine but there is one problem I couldnít solve so far.

At first my system: MB with nForce 650 chipset, Core 2 Quad 6600, 4 GB of RAM, ATA DVD Drive, 2 SATA HDDs (RAID 0) and an ATA HDD. Mac OS X was installed on the ATA HDD, using the DVD Drive. The SATA HDDs are used for Win 7 and Vista.

However, the problem is, that when I boot up Mac OS X, it tells me, that it canít access the SATA drives. (I get two error massages, which I can ignore). It offers me also to start the disk utility, where of course I could erase them and mount as HFS+. But that is not my intention, because I want to keep both windows versions on the RAID. As I could read, Mac OS X is capable to read NTFS. So i guess the problem is that Mac OS X or the bootloader (chameleon RC5) doesnít recognize the RAID (in the disk utility I can see the 2 SATA HDDs separated). NTFS-3G didn't help.

Because of the fact, that all my music etc. is stored on the two SATA HDDs, itís necessary for me to access into my RAID.

Does anybody see any solutions for my problem? I described my problem as good as I could, sorry for the mistakes I might have done as English is not my native language. Iím thankful for every answer!