In my DELL inspiron 1520 (old model, 2007 brought), installed Windows 7 in c: (75gb) and i already created two other partitions for win itself.
Then, created a 20gb logical partition boot with the osx dvd. first time, it gone fine, like, i pointed the 20gb and erased formatted as extended (journalised), and put a default install. installed fine , but, when i boot without dvd, error came like boot: test failed, boot failed like message...then using win boot dvd, i repaired the win boot correctly. then i tried a second time, but, in the starting time itself, kernel panic came. the same panic error when try to boot again from mac dvd or even by pressing f8. then tried -v, then -x -v, all same panic. my lap confi is
dell inspiron 1520 SATA,
intel 945 graphics,
broadcom nic, wifi
single 320gb hdd (replaced from 120 gb thosh hdd)
4gb mem (upgraded from 1 gb)

while installing osx, not changed the SATA in Bios config, because, lap already exists with win os, so, when i changed this in BIOS, win is not booting.

also, as a final try, i again boot from mac dvd, erased the 20gb and then, got chance to install..this time, i selected custom, and selected intel drivers also.
but after around 50% install, the system restarted.

is there any workaround for this config lap to run OSX with Win in c: boot drive?