I just installed iDeneb 1.3 with os x 10.5.5 on my hp dv7-1285
Basic Specs:

2.4 core 2 duo
6 gb ram ddr2
9600m gt nvidia

At first I had tried the kalyway release of 10.5.2 but it seemed to lack video support options for my card.

I have the system up and running with full resolution (1440X900) and the video card appears to be completely detected. USB ports working very well and even the volume touch controls work. To my surprise the webcam even functions.

One thing that's been really bothering me is the sleep function. I've heard some people having problems getting the sleep ability to work correctly. At this point, whenever I close the lid or select sleep from the apple menu, the screen shuts off, the volume mute button lights up, and the lights on my usb mouse turn off. From this point on I cannot wake the machine up and must do a hard reboot.

Unless someone has a solution for this (I've tried a few clamshelldisplay and sleepenabler kexts), I would rather just have the computer remain in a normal "on" power state if I closed the lid.

I'm slightly worried about my CPU showing up as a 1.6 ghz instead of 2.4. I have the activity monitor? running and it seems to correctly show two cores but I was wondering if the speed shown under computer info is all that's being used (it's only using 1.6 ghz of my 2.4)

I also seemed to have lost dvd drive support when I moved from kalyway 10.5.2 to iDeneb 10.5.5. If anyone has information on getting the TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633L ATA working I would really appreciate the help.

The wireless (intel 5100), unless otherwise notified, I'm just going to assume is a lost cause. I have yet to go out and purchase a different adapter that is compatible because I want to ensure that I have the rest of the system up and running flawlessly first.

I apologize about my questions/pleas, I'm quite new to getting OS X working on my laptop.

Thanks in advance