My OS X Machine:
  • iATKOS v7 9.7.0 Voodoo Kernel
  • Asus P5N32-E SLI
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Asus nVidia Geforce 7600GT (1280x1024)
    for VGA did try NVdarwin, Natit, EFI string (current)

As we already know nVidia release graphics card driver for GeForce GTX 285.

In Window$ world it's ok to install the latest driver (as long as your OS support) with ancient VGA (like mine) even you won't get full feature. And so I think what about try it in Mac OS X.

Hey, it say it only support GTX 285!!!

OK, here's my points. I see many people's signature say their VGA fully QE/CI supported. How they know that for sure? I don't really get what this 'fully supported' mean. My system profile say yes, QE supported, CI supported but what about real world application. So I gave it a shot. Install, restart (-v), surprisingly no error. And now let's see what's the benefit.

where that QuartzGL came from

Let's take Photoshop CS4 for example. It has new feature to take advantage openGL technology. My card supported both in 32 & 64 bit version in Windows Vista & 7.

In my OS X Machine I have to unchecked Advanced Drawing because it make Photoshop CS4 freeze especially when I do brush. After I install GTX 285 driver I check it again and wooooha no more freeze.

Need For Speed Most Wanted. With Natit and NVdarwin drivers I experience game lag and freeze many times and console say "OpenGL something something" (don't have a chance to save it ). With EFI string still lag but no more freeze. I don't know what the difference EFI string against Natit and NVdarwin, for this game EFI string is better for my machine. After update the driver the game run even smoother. Now I can play 1280x1024 high preset no trouble.

Now I have problem with video

That's VLC Player playing AVI file with xVID codec. In fact every video looks like that in VLC Player. In Quicktime it only happen when I play wmv file (Flip4Mac installed). Seems to me this problem occur in video files that don't supported natively by Quicktime.

I open up this thread hoping someone who have advanced programming knowledge about this driver thingy have some idea to mix kexts or whatever, so ancient vga like mine can do better to its maximum potential

Thanks in advance.