Hi there guys, I am new to that Hackintosh thingy and I really your help in some stuff:

1st. I just installed an iPC 10.5.6 Leopard and I got some problems with it, lets start from the beginning to the end:

my specs:

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard
nVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512MB
2GB Ram
2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
130 for MAC
Rest for Windows 7.

Ok so lets list my problems:


There are 2.
1st. I've been looking everywhere and downloaded everything without success. I'm talking about the 9800GT Kext! Can't find nothing.
Tried NVInject - resolutions work good but horrible FPS when 3D Acceleration is needed (while pressing the orange button that takes the windows down to the dock) and Mouse Lag + Mouse Skipping.
couldn't find a good one or a good guide for EFI Strings or something like that, I don't really understand what to do there.
I even got kernel panic a few times that made me reinstall mac all over again.
Please link me up!
seriously, like 10 minutes long i'm stuck on that gray apple screen until mac starts up. what can I do?


After I reset the mac, it doesn't get to the darwin boot loader unless i press F8 to use the boot options.
What I see is an error message, I can't remember exactly what it is, something about a plit file (apple.boot...something...) that could not be found.
after I press F8 I got 3 Options:
Windows NTFS [Thats my WIN7]
LEOPARD [Thats my MAC]
Time Machine Backup [That is self explanatory]
After pressing F8 i've noticed that the Time Machine Backup was high lighted and not the LEOPARD, maybe thats the reason it is bugged?
Everytime I boot the Leopard, I have to write rd=disk0s2, if I don't, it just won't work, how can I have this command automated?

Need a 9800GT 512MB Kext.
Need a way to fix long boot time.

Thanks in advance for any help to come!
Love you guys!