Hello all!

Lurked around here for a while, burned a copy of Leo4all to a DVD, booted it, installed OS X and it didn't work the first few times. Then Vista committed suicide and deleted some kind of boot file it needed, which left me with a boot error. Put OS X back in, partitioned/formatted the hard drive and checked the correct chipset to install (nforce test), and viola! I run OS X on my HP dv6700!

Now the thing is I have no wireless internet access which as a college student I need, and I have no sound drivers. I've read about Azalia Audio which works with the Realtek audio set that the dv6700 has, but I can't figure out where to find the kext or how to go about installing the kext.

Is there a way to get either one of these drivers to work in OS X or am I stuck with LAN only and no sound?

Also I have no battery gauge, which can be a bit bothersome... Is there a way to fix that?