i have a couple of questions regarding my new install kalyway 10.5.1 on my ibm t43 ?

1) How can i remove the paperclip that i use to boot into the OS as an external display trick . I did google around , there were some patches with kext's but could not actually get it . I have different version of kexts in my /system/extensions ? Mine is a intel 915 and it has gma 950 and it needs 10.5.2 graphics update.

2) I am looking for a battery management app that can atleast show me remaining battery . Why do i need this ? As for the installation i had to turn off all battery management to max performance(from BIOS) to get better performance.

3)Should i update my distro ? I m just curious dont wannna break my installation.

4) i used the idarwin code to get wireless working but it forgets the nertwork after every boot! any workarounds ??

My system Specs :

IBM T43 , 1.7 ghz Intel . 1 gb RAM , Intel GMA 900/915 , DVD/CD-RW drive .