hello all
a month ago Ive intsalled on my pc the leopard 10.5.7 with dual booting with my existing windows xp.
I recognized It didnt go to sleep mode correctly from leopard os.
infact when I turn to sleep mode I hear that the hdd is going to sleep but I still see the screen and it doesnt turn off.
I tried to download OpenHalfRestart.kext
but it didnt fix my problem
maybe i didnt install it correctly because Im a real nooobe

instead after that I noticed that while booting I get this error
bios read error error:004
block 0 sector 64

I know this error started this week but I dont know weather its because this driver or my incorrectly installation of it or maybe its because I installed incorecctly this week a printer to my other os. (windows xp )
maybe also it is a late respond to the intel matrix storage.
(ive intalled it primer to intallation of leopard because I've heard that I need to set my sata to ahci mode. if I wish to dual boot xp and leopard.

my system is optiplex 760

thanks in advance for all that help/read it.