I had Voodoo HDA 0.2.2 beta installed on my OSX Leopard (10.5.8) but i heard some crackling sounds when i played songs, even when system sounds would come on. I did some googling and tried MANY kexts that said it would fix the crackling sounds.

I installed about 4 kexts, the first kext was a .pkg that supposable fixes sigmatel and many other 'popular' sound companies. When i restarted there was a speaker icon but no sound was coming out. i tried an AppleHDA kext and that didnt work, and the speaker icon was gone. in the end i tried reverting to my old 0.2.2 and the sound still didnt work, and the speaker icon was gone :\

Here are my audio specs:

Gateway ML6232

Intel Corp N10/ICH7 Rev02
82801G (ICH7 Family)

Thank you very much!