Okay guys been a while since I have posted...work is a killer these days..lol.
Anyway I moved on from Tiger 10.4.11 after getting the system running flawlessly (thanks to all the help for you all and Infinitemac) I decided I needed a bit more of a challenge and acquired a copy of iATKOS 10.5.5 and installed it using the modified 9.2 Kernel (9.5 Fassl and Voodoo kernels panicked at start up) and everything loaded just fine. One problem is enabling QE/CI on my X1650 Pro AGP card. I have fussed around on the net and a few other forums trying just about every combination you can think of and got resolutions working but still no Quartz or core.

Anyone have any suggestions or know of a installer package for this bugger? Would be much appreciated.

Thanks again!