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Discuss iAtkos on Shuttle SB83G5M Boot Problems at the Kernel / Kext (Driver) Support -; hi, i need help, i go through a successful installation of iatkos but when i ...
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    Question iAtkos on Shuttle SB83G5M Boot Problems

    hi, i need help,
    i go through a successful installation of iatkos but when i start up the computer it keeps restarting and i need to press F8 then type "cpus=1 -v rd=disk0s1" every time start up with the iatkos discs in the DVD drive in order to boot into Leopard.

    Does anyone have a solution to this "so that i can start the computer the automatically boots into Leopard?

    Also Does anyone have Realtec Drivers for Leopard and a Network (ethernet RJ-45 jac?)

    My Specs are;
    3.0GHz Intel Dual Core
    2GB Ram
    1x Samsung 500GB HDD SATA
    1x Samsung 320GB HDD SATA
    DVD Samsung Toshiba Technology Co. Drive IDE

    and Just ask me if you need any other information

    Thanks a lot, any help is appreciated.

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    Default You need to figure it out yourself

    If you have/had IPC 10.5.6 ppf4 or ppf5 you would likely have most of the kexts - but they might not have the right vendor ID and device ID for the unit you are trying to install on. You should not use the old versions as a new install - you will just get old issues to re-invent the wheel to try to fix. That sounds like it is your problem here.

    Also you have a boot issue. If you are doing dual boot with Windows you need a boot manager like EasyBCD. Repair the windows boot with eh windows CD and install EasyBCD through Windows and it will then let you boot the MAC OS. if you screwed up the install by wrong partitioning - I will not help you.

    Once installed, you need to boot in safe mode from the Darwin prompt with the -x option. Use -v also so you can see what it is loading and if it does stop in safe mode and where. Then you can try -v -f on another boot to see if it will make it all the way

    The MacOS is at it's core - UNIX - you cannot just lump a question in something and throw it here that is non-descriptive as to tell anyone not at your PC what is TRULY going on, even though I am a UNIX engineer.

    No one can help you if they cannot tell what is really going on - and if you are not ready to learn some UNIX - give up now.

    If you install the right kexts (Kernel EXTensionS) with the right vendor id's applicable the system will load them as it finds the hardware during the boot process.

    Read the clues of the boot process yourself and do some research as to what they mean and then if you have a specific question you cannot find on the Internet or in the forums - that someone can identify - post that.



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