I made this topic on insanelyac.com but nobody wants to respond to the thread. Hoping I'll have more luck here. (this is just a copy paste from other forum)

Striker II Extreme Motherboard (790i)

QX6850 Core 2 Extreme (Quad Core)

8GB's of RAM.

Heres my problem. I have sound working and everything else besides internet. So, I ask the community here for help. What's my best approach to to getting my internet working? Also, the tutorials here are soo daunting that I can barely read them. Should almost be in a book formatted into pdf. Crazy. I'd appreciate it if someone could just explain how to fix my net, rather then linking me to a tutorial. Thanks in advance. I have no clue what I'm doing, but I absolutely need the internet.

Also, I'm currently running 4GB's of ram, can I throw in my other 4 without having any problems?

EDIT: I used multibeast and accidentily installed the network kext for intel 82566 gigabyte ethernet driver. I don't know how to remove this specific kext because I can't find the kext name. Does it even matter that I installed it? I've also been trying to install eno's nForceLAN driver 0.64.6 that I found on the forums. But i still dont have any luck with the internet.

Sigh. . . I've tried everything that I possibly can. Still no net. I've tried nForceLan.kext but it says it's been installed wrong or it's out of date. I updated to 10.6.5, but I can't imagine that that's the problem I'm having. This is completely mindwrecking. Anyone have any ideas?

Edit:2 I reinstalled os x and tried to install the nForceLAN.kext and still no luck. After that didn't work I tried running multibeast again and tried to install the intel network kext from the list, and that didn't work. I tried to install the updated IONetworkFamily.kext and that didn't work. WTF am I doing wrong? I als, my lights are working like they should on the port.