First sry for my bad english....

i have a little bit experience at installing ideneb 1.4 on my asus eee 1000h...
it works great!
only the battery...
the battery is there but doesnt show me how much percent or something like that that i know how much battery there has only a x in the battery...(missing battery?)
i have used google but find only a kext that doesnt work...if someone has a solution please tell me...thx

now to the main part i want install on my pc ideneb 1.4 too but doesnt know how i customize it.. what for kext i need...sry im a noob xD
of course i have used google at first

i have
intel core i7
asus rampage extreme II
3x ddr3 corsair 1gb 1333
asus ati eah-3870

can anyone help me?