i think i'm on the right track with my GMA3150 but have kind of hit a brickwall at the moment. i'm running the A011 GMA3150, here is basically what my problem is.

Now i got it setup with a more or less vanilla kernel (with the exception of having to install voodoops2 drivers). after some fiddling and getting annoyed with only an 800x600 resolution i found meklorts netbook installer as well as a modified boot file which i exchanged his for the alternate file. system now shows 1024x600 resolution, no QE/CI sadly. now i'm not exactly sure how i got this to work, but someone i got Quartz GL to initiate (and no i did not force it to activate). now my question is this if Quartz GL is activated shouldn't QE be as well, from what i read GL can't be activated without QE being activated as well.

now i know i've got a troublesome graphics card (intel GMA 3150 aka GMA 950 0xA011) so i know people are close to getting full support for it but this is just a lil weird. i'm not complaining as it's helped speed up the basic operations of the system. also after trying multiple differen't things it still shows that no kext driver is loaded, can't figure that one out for the life of me.

basically if anyone can explain to me why GL is on but QE isn't that would be great. and also help me figure out why it still shows that no kext driver is loaded

i'll post up screen shots and anything else anyone needs to help me out. (still trying to figure out how to take screen shots on OSx)

System Specs:
OSx 10.5.8
Acer AO533
Atom 455 cpu
Intel GMA 3150 gpu (a011
1GB ram
Broadcom wifi adapter (bcm4311)

would a few of the other components not be recognized such as PCI Devices saying no devices found possibly be part of the problem?


After playing around with a few things last night i think i'm really close to having QE/CI working using the x3100 kexts. reason i think this is, menu's are translucent again and when going into full screen video via youtube its barely choppy anymore, just slightly laggy. i think the reason its still a lil laggy is its not officially loading the kext for the driver. need some input from the guru's on how to proceed. again let me know what you need me to upload if you want to take a look at my system configuration and i will do it.

anyone have any thoughts.