Hello together,
thanks to the great guys in this forum I was able to install ideneb/10.5.6 on my Asus eee 901. After some messing arround with the displayresolution and other small things, almost everything works smooth. I found a packet with a lot of kexts for my 901 on a different website and that helped a lot. Just a few things drive me "hackintosh"-greenhorn a bit crazy...
On another website I found a packet with a lot of kexts for my eee. I installed everything but a few things still donīt work.

The touchpad, the internal keyboard and the sleep.
I already tried to install different kexts but my knowledge about the kernelextensions and how chameleon is involved in the system goes to zero.

My hope now is that someone can explain me what i can try to get my internal keyboard and touchpad to work. Also ACPI seems not to work correctly. If i close the netbook the display goes off, but the statuslights are still on. The sleepmode seems not work correctly, also itīs not possible to wake the machine up again (also not with the powerbutton). Restart works finde but shutoff is not working again. The machine stops in a black windows (but there is still power on).

Please help me to enjoy my leopard-eee even more!

And sorry for my bad english .

Thanks a million for every hint!!