Hello, Im driving (driver ) mad, the thing is, everything works just fine, but, I have this trouble with :

- > Mouse (embedded one, it is a laptop, so it'd be "touchpad")
-> Keyboard
-> USB,

This is the thing, I install Iatkos v7, The normal package (somehow it is the only distro that works well with my laptop,)

But then I need to switch to iDeneb 10.5.8 to install the Vainilla Kernel, and some drivers iatkos do not include.

I just dont know why, when I BOOT with ideneb dvd and do not touch anything, it boots to mac os installed, and magically

EVERYTHING just work, usb, keyboard touchpad, and then

I reboot without the dvd, and usb, touchpad and keyboard do not work, and usb mouse works only if i plugged it before,

I'm burning my head to try to find out whats the prob, if you could help me I'd be thankful.

What makes me drive nuts is the thing that, it is not that IT NEVER WORKS it works some times (with dvd in) and does not (whitount dvd)

other question, is why the f. sometimes it just shows "you have to restart. .. bla bla bla" and sometimes not.

thanks in advance!!!