Hi all,

I'm a new user of the Kaliway version of osx86 and everything is working perfect.

I had to install the dist on my external usb-harddrive since i got the "waiting for boot device" failure on all the dists i've tried so far.

Anyway, my question is, is there some way to disable mac-os from initating my Sata-disks at start up? I don't want my Windows or Ubuntu harddrives to have anything to do with mac-os. This is mostly because my fear of the NTFS-file system being corrupted by opening it in Mac-os.

Am i just paranoid? Because i've heard of several ppl getting their NTFS usb-sticks corrupted after putting them into a mac-computer.

Any help in how to disable SATA or init of NTFS disk would be appriciated.

Best regards,