Hi all,

I have two identical hard drives right now and I'm planning to buy a Raid PCIe X1 card tomorrow. My motherboard doesn't have built-in Raid.

This is the card:


According to the website, it uses Sil 3132 chipset.

I'm just planning to do Raid 0.

Will this work in Snow Leoaprd? I heard that the Sil 3132 in now listed as incompatible. Does this mean I'll not be able to use this in Snow? Some people (with real macs) said that they just need to use the old drivers. But I'm an OSX86er so I need to know if there are hacked kext for this chipset.

How about in Leopard only?

BTW, I don't know much about raid setup. I only read it in books .. I just have ideas. I never actually attempted to setup Raid in either Linux or WIndows hands on. However, I need to know because of my new Job. I need to practice ASAP.

Thank you.