Hey guys! I got Kalyway (10.5.2) working with my computer (Samsung Q430-11, i5, 4GB RAM, 64 bit, I love this thing... it looks like a Mac, and sure feels like one ), dual booting Windows 7. It's working like a charm right now I had a few questions down below though-

How do you enable QE/IC on Nvidia 310M cards? The card itself works, but QE/IC is disabled. I got the screen resolution to a supported level though (1360x768x32).

Are there any Atheros AR9285 WiFi card kexts out there? I can't get any wireless, which is really annoying, as my router is downstairs, in a cramped closet, so I have to go down there to browse the internet, or boot into Windows 7.

Are there any Realtek HD Audio kexts out there? I get no audio at all, whether from the speakers or the headphone jack. I haven't tried mic yet, I'll try it out soon.

One last thing- are all those kexts above compatible with Snow Leopard? I'm going to upgrade in a day or two, once I figure out a good way to keep Windows 7 and not have to reinstall it

My partition map-

16GB- Recovery NTFS Partition (Primary)
100MB- System NTFS Partition (from Windows 7, Primary)
100GB- Windows 7, NTFS Partition (Primary, Active)
350GB- Leopard, HFS+ Partition (Primary Active)