Hello everyone,

first of all, would like to wish a happy new year

second, here's my problem :

i already have my hackintosh based on :

asus p5b (the very first model)
intel core 2 duo 2.4g
Iatkos V2 10.6.3

The problem is that i want to upgrade my cpu to the best available in lga 775 : the quad core Q9650.

But i saw the fsb of the p5b is not 1333, and that it need to be bios flashed to work with that type of cpu.

So my question is : will the EFI provided with Iatkos V2 work with that cpu ?

or do i need first to flash the bios of the mobo, then reinstall iatkos ? (seems pretty stupid to me)

i dont really want to upgrade my mobo , cause i got all my audio stuff running really fine, like pro tools and logic, and it would take severals days for me to rebuild everything......


big thanks in advance for your help