Hello, can someone point me in the direction of adding this codec_dump

to VoodooHDA or AppleHDA, I saw only one tutorial for AppleHDA that was VERY(that's an understatement) ambiguous, many things missing.

Can someone create that if it isn't to much of a chore, if not, what approach should I take to making my sound card work.

My sound is not working, original post with many details is here

I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 with following specs:

(specs: http://www.deusxmachina.org/manual.pdf )
Audio Chipset: VT1708B High Definition Audio 8-channel CODEC (dead, no hope)
AMD Athlon x2 Black Edition 7750 2.7GHz AM2+ 3MB Cache
Palit nVidia GTS 250 512MB DDR3 (works with GFX UTIL)
2x2GB GeIL Ultra DDR2 800MHz
Seagate 80GB

Thanks, Arthur!