I have my sony vaio FZ21E working fine in an OSX 10.5.7 / Windows 7 dual boot using chameleon v2 as the boot manager.

I forgot to add Laptop Battery from the iATKOS v7 customize options when I installed. Can I easily add it without buggering up the dual boot etc. I can't seem to browse the iATKOS DVD from within OSX and I didn't want to risk booting the install off DVD again in case it broke the dual boot.

Also I can't get OSX to sleep when I close the laptop, or when I choose sleep from the menu. Is this an easy fix.

Apart from that I'm really happy with the iATKOS install. Wired ethernet works fine, can't get WIFI working (beta drivers cause crash during boot). No QE graphics (Geforce 8400m GT - known issues), sound works but is too quiet at max volume.

I'm using it to learn Objective-C and XCode runs as smooth as I'd want to be honest. Posting from firefox on OSX

Cheers guys.