I've followed the guide in Callistobuild 008 and the guide of Iondarie like this :

first of all "sudo mv Callisto* /System/Library/Extensions/" is really not needed you can move the files manually to /System/Lybrary/Extensions/
it will probably ask you to autentificate, I hope you know how to do that

next step is setting the right permissions for the files you just copyed, so open a new Terminal window and type:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/Callisto*

Then type this one:

sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/Callisto*

When you are done with this steps do the following:

sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.*

Firstly, when I followed CallistoBuild 008, I'd have bleu screen. Then i've reinstalled MAC OS X,
After, i've followed the Iondarie Indication and the résolution doesn't change after the there's a little window that tell that "CallistoHAL.kext is badly installed" and nothing effect with callisto.

Please Help me, and my problem is that my terminal don't recognize sudo nano ?? Very anowing.