Hey everyone, i am kinda new to the 'hackintosh' thing.

So basicly, i got my PC working for the most part with Leopard on.

The MAIN problem i have is my 8400gs MSI 512MB Graphics Card wont work.
Basically, OS X boots etc, but i am stuck at a 1024 - 768 resolution and when i go into the display preferences i can not change it. and when i go into system profiler, the card has not been read.

Ive used the main drivers on the disks etc, and i own, iatkos, leo4all, kalyway, etc...pretty much them all.

I have everything else working.

My computer specs are

Asrock N61PS - audio works, lan didnt, using ethernet card, works fine
AMD Athalon 5000+ 2.6GHZ (i know, amd is not the best for a hackintosh)
8400GS MSI 512mb - NOT WORKING ;(
sata hard drive and dvd drive which work fine.

So yeah, i got EVERYTHING to work, apart from my graphics card, and this is a new graphics card, because the one on my MB dosent work either. (which i read about not working)

And yeah, i have looked around, everywere else to find some information on this, and no look so far.

So if ANYONE knows a way to get this working, i would be VERY, VERY happy since i am on windows 7 now, and i prefair OS X sooooo much better.

Thanks in advance,