Hi Guys
Great site!
I have a hackintosh, that works great but i find i cannot overclock beyond 3.24ghz.
if i drop the multiplier to 7.5 i can get the fsb to push until the processor hits 3.24, but thats all, so the board and memory are happy at high fsb.

when i raise the multiplier to 8.5 i have to drop the fsb until the chip is running 3.24 to get stable.

I can run the chip over 3.24 and get post but i get kernel panic on the grey startup page every time.

Its like the os has a speed limit that wont allow me to go beyond 3.24.

I can overclock this same setup further in windows xp?

can someone tell me if i am missing a processor limiter disabler kext, or bios setting that will allow me to go further.


i have
asus p5qvm
8300 2.83
vanilla 5.8
2gb 6400 team dark xtreme