I have an x86 patched SMBIOS (netkas). I've heard there might be problems doing a system upgrade on that, any clues on how I could change the SMBIOS to a compatable one with my setup that could be updated would be nice (Dimension 4600{P4 processor, Intel SATA Mobo, etc.}) I also have the ToH system kernel, and after the installation it said to restore the kernel from /library/temp. When I looked, it was named System9.2.0, and I copied it into the Extensions folder and saw another kext in there labled just System.kext, so I deleted that one believing the System9.2.0 was meant to replace it. However, when I tried to rename System 9.2.0.kext to System.kext, it said I dont have permission. I repaired system permissions and tried again, and it gave the same error. When I rebooted, the system completely trainwrecked. I reinstalled everything this morning (a fun 2hrs) and now I'm afraid to update until someone can show me the error of my ways.