Hi guys,
I didn't want to post a new thread anywhere... but I've searched whole internet for last 24 hours to solve my problem and I couldn't, because when one is solved, new comes up.
Yesterday I got iPhone 3G, from eBay. I knew that it was locked to overseas network, but I thought it's not a big deal to break it (I did that previously two years ago). I bought it, and first thing that shocked me is that home button is not working (just to make my life more interesting . I couldn't even get into iphone, because of simlock so all I could do is call emergency and screen was sayin' "connect to iTunes". (I think, nothing weird here)
Then I started reading about unlocking... I decided to jailbreak first, because it's easier. I couldn't make it any way. I tried via Pwnage tool and other from that kind, but I couldn't make it through, because of ... HOME BUTTON THAT IS NOT WORKING! So... I decided to go all the way around, to put iPhone to restore from my mac, and then jailbreak it... after a while, I've realised that I should put it into DFU mode, not restore.
So, here's the first stop:
I've put it into restore mode by RecBoot and it went fine, but I can't go out of Restore Mode now. RecBoot Exit is not working at all. Not responding. Tryied TinyUmbrella - the same stuff happening.
So first question and problem to solve:
How to get out of restore mode, without HOME BUTTON...?

PS iTunes wanted automatically restore it, but after trying, error 1015 pops out, and everything sturts from beginnng.

Please help me... I'm going crazy here!