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Discuss -workaround-ipod touch 2g jailbreak solution! at the iPod Touch 2G -; So, there I am, stuck with an iPod touch 2g on 4.1 and I can't ...
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    Default -workaround-ipod touch 2g jailbreak solution!

    So, there I am, stuck with an iPod touch 2g on 4.1 and I can't jailbreak no matter how much I try. iClarified has this tut here: iPod touch | How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 2G Using RedSn0w (Windows) [4.1] and if you were stuck in my situation where RedSn0w would give you the "unrecognized ipsw firmware" error, then I've got the solution for you.

    I had just upgraded my iPhone 4 from 4.0.2 to 4.1 using TinyUmbrella and saving my SSH. I figuered hey, why not try this on my iPod touch. So here is what I did:

    1. Download and save iPod touch 4.0 firmware. (can be found easily, just search)
    2. Download TinyUmbrella (newest version)

    Using TinyUmbrella, plug your ipod touch 2nd gen in and click on "save ssh" you will see here that TinyUmbrella will save your ssh for 4.0 and 4.1.

    Next, put your ipod touch in DFU mode and open itunes. Go back to TinyUmbrella and click "start tss server" and then go to itunes and hold down shift and click on "restore" here, simply navigate to the 4.0 firmware ispw file you downloaded earlier, and select it. Let it do its thing and hopefully everything will go through smoothly. If you get stuck in recovery mode, just click "exit recovery" in TinyUmbrella.

    Once you have downgraded to 4.0, open safari and go to, and BOOM! JAILBROKEN and Cydia is sitting on your home screen. Good luck!

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    confirmed to work as stated above.

    i happened to step through this same [successful] process today when i randomly decided to take another shot at JBing my ipod touch (2g,8g,mc) during lunch...

    * updated Umbrella
    * saved my 4.1 SHSH
    * turned on Umbrella's server
    * backed up the device in iTunes
    * then [shift-]restored to ipsw4.0
    * when completed, reboot the device
    * told iTunes the restored iPod was a new device
    * refreshed Umbrella's usb port scan
    * saved 4.0 SHSH(!)
    * got iPod connected via wifi once more
    * surfed to (where I received an invitation to proceed)
    * JB in effect upon reboot!!!

    (low-and-behold -- it worked!)



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