(Posting in this forum only because I'm working on a 2G Touch .. please advise if another forum may be more appropriate. Also, apologies in advance if this topic has been addressed adequately in another forum or previous posts. I have searched, but am new to the forums, so may have missed something).

I'm trying to access the serial port for GPS interface. (Fortunately it appears the trail has been blazed in this area by others). I'm following the basic steps and using the code outlined in the DevDot tutorial .. however, I cannot seem to get the port open, getting the message "Error opening serial port /dev/tty.iap - Resource busy".

I am fairly new to the development process for this device, and not overly savvy with Unix or how to go about troubleshooting this. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what I may be overlooking or any general guidance as to what I might try to get access to the port.

Thanks in advance,