So I'm currently running iOS v4.1 unjailbroken on my 2nd Generation iPod touch. What I was wondering, was if its possible to take a PC application (open source) and use that coding to make it into an app with minimal rewriting.

I know it would be possible. I've seen it done. But it's always been on a jailbroken device.

What if it was made in an .IPA format and installed using iTunes?
I imagine it'd require some sort of iTunes tweaking.
But I really don't want to jailbreak my iPod. I haven't found a fail-proof method for the 2G since 4.0.
Unless I missed its announcement, I know of none.

But anyways, the application.

What the one I'm talking about does, is display the security password to a WiFi spot. It works on the PC. But I have a desktop, so why would I need it?

But I think something like making it verify the app somewhere outside of iTunes would work. Like when reverting to a later version of iOS.

Here is the file.
It's in a rar format right now.
Its a program called "WirelessKeyView"
Media Fire: wirelesskeyview.rar