Hello... i have a problem here... maybe anyone can help me solve this problem..
yesterday i upgraded to firmware 3.1.2 from 3.0.. and anything works normaly..then i try to re-jailbreak using blackra1n and just fine (sound,Video,Cydia,Etc)...
after that in the morning i find that my ipod has no sound and sometimes hang at lockscreen about 5-10minute with no light but still i can see my lockscreen..and blink then restart to apple logo and hang again 5-10minutes with loading circle.
but sometimes works fine but then restarted with no any picture/apple logo.. so i must turn ON again with hold power and home button. (normal ON with holding power is not working)

My ipod Touch 2G MB528TA
Serial IC8XXXxx
3.1.2 (7D11)

I try to Restore original firmware using normal restore mode and still i have same problem
then i try to restore using DFU mode... nothing change..still like that...
uprading to 3.1.3 using newest pawnagetool... no luck...now what should i try?